FlexiPads Merino Wash Pad

£25.30 ex VAT



This Flexipads swirl free Soft Wool Wash Square is a super soft wash square with extra long 3″ Irish Merino wool, with fine stands to ensure a swirl free finish.

With interior stitching to remain scratch free.

With a wash square you can put it in the washing machine after use and in readiness for the next time it is required safe in the knowledge that the grit and dirt particles that cause swirl marks have been removed.

Ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily.

Machine washable to prevent scratches when next used.


  • Material: Merino Soft Wool
  • Style: Wash Square
  • Size: 20 x 24cm
  • Wool Pile: 75mm



FlexiPads Swirl Free Wash Pad

  • Run a small amount of shampoo into the pad and lightly rub into the surface
  • Dunk the pad into your bucket of shampoo wash water
  • Run the pad over the vehicle from top to bottom, revisiting your bucket regularly
  • Thoroughly rinse vehicle to remove all suds.
  • Rinse the pad through with clean water and air dry.

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