AutoBrite Abyss Paint and Trim Protection

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Abyss is a synthetic paint & trim protection gel/liquid. It leaves an amazingly deep, glossy finish to your paintwork and leaves plastic trims looking like new. Long lasting protection is where the Abyss comes into its own, offering durability of up to 9 months with a single application.

Abyss synthetic sealant has all the characteristics of a wax, application is similar to a wax, spreads like a wax, water behaviour like a wax and protects like a wax! Versatile and simple,  whatever it touches – it shines & protects!

The protection that Liquid ABYSS leaves is outstanding, the water behaviour needs to be seen to be believed, a must for your sealant collection.


  • Up to 9 months durable protection
  • Insane water behaviour
  • Protects plastics
  • Unrivalled Gloss & Protection
  • Designed specifically for cars and motorbikes
  • Use on metal, chrome, paint, plastics, vinyl & rubber

How to use

For a deep wet look finish, apply a small drop of liquid Abyss with a foam or microfibre applicator, apply to the surface using overlapping circular motions, spreading to a thin layer, allow to cure for approx 10 minutes, then buff to reveal a soaking wet look that will blow you away! Its that easy!

Less is more, one small pea sized drop is enough to protect approx 2-3 medium sized panels.

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