NEW AutoBrite Snow Foam Lance

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Why this lance?

With a 1/4″ connection this premium foam lance is ready to attach to almost any pressure washer. The top has a calibrated air intake valve to easily adjust your foam dilution ratio.

Easy to maintain!

With a pull pin release to access the gauze filter, you can easily clean or replace it as necessary without performing complicated disassembly. Helping to ensure a long and trouble-free service life.

New materials

Constructed from high-quality materials utilising stainless steel to prevent internal corrosion along with Zinc Plating to ensure that your foam lance looks great for longer! A heavy-duty clear PET bottle with a wide opening to make filling easier, moulded finger grips and an embossed AD logo!

An essential product!

Foam lances are a multi-purpose tool, not just for snowfoam! Citrus Wash, Top-Gloss, and Magiseal are all great products that can take advantage of foam lance application.

Your foam lance your choice!

Use the dilution control to adjust your foam thickness, alter the 2 different nozzle adjustments to adjust the fan spray axis from vertical to horizontal and adjust the flow intensity. Allowing you to be in full control of your foam coverage.

Key Features

  • 1 Litre bottle capacity
  • Wide mouth bottle for easy filling
  • Wide base for increased stability
  • Heavy duty PET Clear bottle with moulded grip
  • Fan pattern with two-way adjustment 1/4 inch quick release connector
  • Nickel plated body Simple to clean and maintain
  • Inline filter Includes 1.0mm and 1.2mm jet (Fitted)
  • Internal thread for connecting 28mm neck bottles

AutoBrite Direct Snow Foam Lance

The use the AutoBrite Snow foam lance, pour approx. 1 inch of the Magifoam concentrate into the snow foam lance bottle.

Then top up the bottle with water.

Screw your freshly filled snow foam lance onto the bottle, making sure not to cross the threads.

When the foam lance is secured on the foam lance bottle, fit the car snow foam lance into your pressure washer gun by the bayonet, screw or click-in connection.

Turn on your pressure washer and press the trigger on your pressure washer gun.

Alter the thickness of foam via the adjustment black knob on top of the foam lance.

Adjust the spray angle of the foam by rotating the red nozzle from left to right for the desired effect.

When you have finished foaming, thoroughly rinse out your foam lance, nozzle, tube, and bottle with fresh water then hand towel dry.

Your foam lance is ready for the next foaming session!

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