Autobrite Twisted Loop Drying Towel

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The Twisted Loop Drying Towel is double sided, premium quality, with a whopping 1200GSM! A large 60cm x 80cm, blue drying towel with unbelievable water absorption!

Ultra soft when drying your car and gives you a streak free finish without the need to wring out during the process! Drying your car has never been so easy! You will be able to dry your car in minutes and will certainly stand out from other drying towels!

Product Features

  • Understated Blue Colour
  • Double sided & Ultra soft
  • Premium quality
  • Twisted loop technology
  • 1200GSM
  • Large 60cm x 80cm in size
  • Unbelievable water absorption
  • Streak free finish

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How to use

Simply lay out the Twisted Loop Drying Towel over larger panels and watch it absorb the water from the surface of your vehicle, due to the towels larger size we recommend folding when drying the vertical panels to avoid contact with the ground.

Caring for your Twisted Loop drying towel.

We recommend rinsing out the Twisted Loop drying towel thoroughly with clean water and hang to dry naturally! The Twisted Loop drying towel can also be machined washed on a low heat. Tumble dry on a low heat setting if required.

We recommend cleaning your Twisted Loop Drying Towel with our Clean Towels wash detergent (liquid) when its time to clean! Using any other non laundry wash solution product could damage the performance of the towel.

For best results we recommend washing prior to use to remove any manufacturing residue.

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