AutoBrite Alcantara Cleaner

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Alcantara Cleaner from AutoBrite is solvent-free, gentle solution. Great for gentle but effective cleaning of Alcantara and Suede.

Ideal for cleaning interior surfaces in modern prestige and performance vehicles. This Autobrite Direct product has been specifically designed to safely and effectively clean delicate these delicate surfaces which need extra care and attention.

Alcantara reduces the need for heavy agitation, therefore, minimising wear to the surface of the fabric.


  • Effective cleaning of Suede & Alcantara
  • Powerful yet gentle
  • Solvent free & water based
  • Safe on delicate surfaces
  • Pleasant Apple fragrance

AutoBrite Alcantara Cleaner

Alcantara surfaces need to be treated with care as this material can be very fragile.

We recommend:

  • Applying Alcantara cleaner to a microfibre towel and lightly working into the surface taking care not to apply to much pressure when doing so.
  • Once clean wipe dry with a clean lint free towel.

For Alcantara steering wheels consider application and agitation using a soft detailing brush to work the product into the material before wiping dry.

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