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MagiSeal from Autobrite is a foam lance coating is a water based ceramic infused product specially formulated for high pressure application using a foam lance. This product will add a durable layer of protection and hydrophobicity to your vehicles paintwork.

Spray, Rinse, Dry it’s as easy as that !

MagiSeal can be used on a vehicle with no protection as a stand alone product or as part of a maintenance regime using other Ceramic shield products.

What is MagiSeal?

MagiSeal is a water-based hydrophobic coating infused with ceramic properties and functional polymers to promote adhesion to the vehicle surface creating a durable protective layer with high levels of hydrophobicity. Designed specifically for application through a foam lance.

Can I use MagiSeal instead of a wax or sealant to protect my vehicle?

Yes, you can. MagiSeal will provide an adequate level of protection when applied on a regular basis. However, for longer-term protection consider using ceramic hybrid wax.

Can I use this product on top of existing protection?

Yes, MagiSeal is suitable for use over existing waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings and is recommended as a maintenance product when using Ceramic Hybrid wax.

Can I keep any unused products for my next wash? 

We do not recommend keeping the product once it has been diluted. We recommend making the right quantity of product for each use. 

How long do I allow MagiSeal to dwell?

MagiSeal does not require a dwell time, it should be applied and then immediately rinsed.


  • Do NOT allow product to dry on the vehicle
  • NOT recommended for soft-top applications or Motorcycles.
  • For best performance store MagiSeal at a temperature of 4 degrees or above

AutoBrite Magiseal Ceramic Spray

AutoBrite Magiseal Ceramic Spray

  • Before application clean the vehicle thoroughly we suggest a diluted pre-wash such as Citrus wash and Magifoam followed by a safe contact wash.
  • Ensure that all surfaces to be treated are cool to the touch and that you are working out of direct sunlight.
  • We recommend a dilution of up to 200ml to 800ml of water to make 1L of solution. The amount of product required will depend on the size of your vehicle. For smaller vehicles, 100ml/400ml water is recommended to make 500ml of solution.
  • MagiSeal should be applied to a clean, wet vehicle ensuring to cover the entire vehicle evenly but not allowed to dry!
  • Rinse thoroughly using a pressure washer then dry using a quality drying towel.
  • Rinse any remaining product from the foam lance and bottle to prevent cross-contamination during your next wash.

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