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Chocolate Glaze is a all-in-one paintwork polish and protectant that leaves your car gleaming. Chocolate Glaze cleans, removes stubborn oxidisation, cleans chrome and metal surfaces, reduces light scratches and masks light defects.

Chocolate Glaze is packed with the highest quality, purest grade of Brazilian T1 Carnauba Wax. This will give your car that high gloss, protected finish with ease.

It can be applied to almost every hard surface on your car which include, paintwork, metal, plastic, carbon, perspex, and even plastic trim. Yes plastic trim!

Chocolate Glaze leaves no nasty white, chalky residue when removed.  Chocolate Glaze also cleans and protects exhausts, polishes aluminium, removes paint transfer and will remove compound marks and light scuffs from unpainted plastic trims.

It can be used by hand or applied by machine polisher, on a warm summers day or in the depths of winter. Follow with your favourite Autobrite ‘Blendz’ Wax for the ultimate in gloss and protection.


  • Clean, polish, restore and protect your paint
  • Outstanding finish with no chalky residue and no mess
  • A versatile all in one polish that will outshine the competition
  • New improved formula and a delicious chocolate & Toffee scent!

Applying by hand

  • Making sure that the vehicles paintwork is clean and dry.
  • Apply a few small drops of Chocolate glaze to a foam hand applicator pad, such as the AD Branded red applicator pads.
  • Apply Chocolate glaze to a panel in small circular motions
  • Allow to dry to a haze before buffing away with a plush microfibre buffing towel such as the Guv’nor.

Apply By Machine

Chocolate Glaze also works extremely very well when applied using a Machine polisher such as Our DA12 using a soft foam black pad.

  • Apply a few peanut size drops of Chocolate Glaze to your Correct IT black DA12/21 soft pad.
  • Prep your area to be polished and work to a approx 2ft x 2ft square area.
  • Start your DA12 on speed 1 and increase the speed in stages to 5-6 until the residue of Chocolate Glaze starts to disappear
  • Work down your machine down to speed 1 and stop machine whilst the pad is on the surface.
  • Pick up your Guvnor and buff the residue away to leave a glorious finish.


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