Autobrite Christmas Gift Kit

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The AutoBrite Christmas Gift Kit makes for a great present idea to put under the tree!

  • Limited edition Christmas gift kit box.
  • Ginger Bread Ph neutral shampoo.
  • Toffee Penny quick detailer.
  • Mint Chocolate Tyre Gel.
  • Irish Cream interior dressing.
  • All 250ML size bottles

Gingerbread Shampoo

Bathe your car in the warm scent of Christmas, rich and luxurious, suds that coat your vehicle, grabbing dirt and leaving a glossy sheen behind. This car shampoo is pH neutral and won’t damage any existing wax or LSP layers and so is fantastic for regular car cleaning.

Toffee Penny Quick Detailer

Spread a little Christmas cheer with this versatile all-round detailing spray, adding extra gloss to paintwork and leaving a luxurious slick finish. Toffee penny QD can also be used on other surfaces including lacquered wood, wheels, glass, leather, interior plastics and stainless steel. Toffee Penny QD is also suitable for satin painted and satin wrapped surfaces. A joy to use with a delightfully festive Toffee penny fragrance.

Irish Cream Interior Dressing

Enjoy our Irish Cream scented interior dressing. The only time we encourage you to take your favorite Christmas tipple out on
the road! An easy to apply satin finish interior dressing gives a showroom fresh look to all your interior plastics, vinyl and rubber without the stickiness.

Mint Chocolate Cream Tyre Dressing

Your tyres deserve a little extra love this Christmas! Treat them to a high quality water based dressing that will give them an as new look! This mint chocolate cream fragranced dressing smells so good that you won’t want to leave it until “After Eight” to get them looking great! An easy to use water resistant matte/satin gel based rubber and tyre dressing that leaves your tyres looking fresh.


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