AutoBrite Clay – Fine Grade

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Autobrite Fine Grade cleaner clay is designed to remove insects, tree sap, fall out, tar, brake dust and other ingrained contaminants. Picks up harmful contaminants with ease from the paintwork and glass. It leaves the surface as smooth as smooth can be ready for the polishing stage. Packed in a 200g bar and ideal for approx 6-10 applications.

The fine clay is ideal for professional Detailers and enthusiasts alike who expect a lot from their clay.  Our Fine Grade Clay won’t marr gloss plastic and painted surfaces like most clay bars will when used correctly.

Using clay will leave a smooth clean finish ready for polishing, sealing and waxing. We recommend using our Fine Grade Clay with Quickshine, which is dilutable for use as an economical clay bar lubricant.


  • Safe and effective Fine Grade cleaner clay
  • Will remove ingrained contaminants from the paint surface
  • Ideal for any surface and glass without the risk of marring
  • Easy to use, just break a chunk from the bar!
  • Ideal for approx 6-10 applications

Autobrite Clay Bar

  • Ensure the car is washed and decontaminated with purple rain and just the tonic.
  • Apply a spritz of Quick Sine Quick Detailer to soak the panel.
  • Tear off a small piece of clay flatten it in the palm of your hand to approx 50mm in diameter.
  • Apply the clay to the panel in horizontal strokes, ensuring all the surface has been covered.
  • The panel will become smoother and contaminants will become visible on the clay.
  • Once one side has been used flip over and use the other side, once both sides have been used dispose of the clay and tear off a new piece.
  • Once the car has been clayed all over it will then need to be washed to remove any remnants and clay lube.
  • The vehicle is now ready for further stages of paint correction or coatings to be carried out

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