AutoBrite Fabri-Clean Fabric Soft Top Cleaner

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Fabri-Clean is an anti-microbial cleaner containing a special blend of water softeners and detergents. It gently lifts and removes dirt and grime.

Its pH neutral formula makes it suitable for all soft top fabrics and allows this product to be used regularly if required.  It will not remove existing soft top protection.

Regular cleaning of convertible roofs/soft tops is recommended to help keep algae, lichen and mould at bay.   It will keep that new look and colour for longer! The anti-microbial formula gently lifts and removes dirt and grime.  It is deep within the fibres that bacteria and algae builds up. Destroying this is important to keep your fabric roof looking fresh and in good order.


  • pH neutral formula
  • Anti-microbial – kills algae, mould and lichen.
  • Protects against microbial regrowth.
  • Safe for regular use.
  • Will not remove existing protection.
  • Easy to use

AutoBrite Fabri-Clean

AutoBrite Fabri-Clean

  • Brush off or vacuum and loose debris from the surface.
  • Rinse the fabric with water.
  • Apply Fabri-Clean in small sections and scrub thoroughly with a soft/medium brush
  • Rinse with water at low pressure, ensuring all foam residue is removed.
  • Dry thoroughly.

For easy maintenance we recommend using Fabri-Shield soft top and fabric protector.

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