AutoBrite Fabri-Shield Soft Top Sealer

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AutoBrite Fabri-Shield is a spray-able, water repellent coating suitable for use on all fabric surfaces.  In the automotive trade, specifically designed for  fabrics used in convertible and and cabriolet roof construction.

The active ingredients allow the product to penetrate deep into the fibres while retaining the original texture and breathability, repelling liquids but allowing air to freely penetrate the material.

Fabri-Shield is solvent based giving greater durability and faster drying times than equivalent water based products, but doesn’t contain potentially harmful fluorocarbons.

  • Hydrophobic coating protects fabric
  • Retains texture and feel of original fabric after application
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable
  • Easy to apply
  • Durability of up to 12 months
  • Fluorocarbon free formula


AutoBrite Fabri-Shield

This product should only be applied when the fabric can be kept dry for approx 24hrs ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Ensure that the surface being treated is clean, dry and free from heavy detergents, for best results use our dedicated Fabri-Clean anti microbial cleaner.

  • Consider masking and adjacent body panels or glass to protect against product over spray during application.
  • Apply generously to the surface until saturation is achieved.
  • Allow product to penetrate for approx 2-3 minutes before working any remaining product into the fabric with a clean dry sponge or soft bristled brush.
  • Allow to dry for approx 1 hr before applying additional coats
  • Allow to dry for approx 24 hrs before exposing to heavy moisture such as rain or washing.

Please note the use of other types of APC’s to clean the roof can lead to reduced durability if any oils or residue remains in the fabric! For this reason we strongly recommend only using Fabri-Clean for this step of the process.

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