AutoBrite Purple Velvet Shampoo

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Purple Velvet high gloss car shampoo from Autobrite is rich and luxurious, with amazing dilution creating thick suds that coat your vehicle, grabbing dirt and leaving a velvety sheen behind. With a slick finish every time, this car shampoo is pH neutral and won’t damage any existing wax, and is fantastic for regular car cleaning.

A truly stunning shampoo that does everything you need, just wait until you smell it!

You need to try Purple Velvet High Gloss Shampoo!

  • Magical & luxurious shampoo with luxurious suds
  • Leaves a high gloss finish
  • Highly concentrated dilution ratio of 1500 – 1
  • Leaves a lovely slick finish
  • Gorgeous “Juicy Fruit” fragrance
  • PH Neutral formula – safe on all wax surfaces

Purple Velvet Shampoo

For general use, Purple Velvets dilution ratio of 1500-1 translates into 10ml or a single cap full per 18 litre bucket. Once you have added your chosen shampoo agitate the solution with a moving water source e.g hose or pressure washer to achieve the level of foam required.

Using a quality wash mitt, begin washing your vehicle from the top, down, applying minimal pressure.

If washing the vehicle on a warm day we recommend washing panel by panel rinsing as you go. Once the wash is complete, give the vehicle a thorough rinse ensuring to remove any shampoo residue from panel gaps and door shuts.

Dry the vehicle off with your drying towel of choice.


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