AutoBrite Snow Foam Lance Kit

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The AutoBrite Direct snow foam lance and pre-wash snow foam is considered by many as the ultimate combination!

This will massively reduce the risk of swirls & scratches by removing excess dirt, salt, grease, and traffic film before a contact wash is carried out. The AD snow foam cannon is highly regarded as the best foam lance on the market due to its build quality, and performance. Many competitors have tried and failed to re-create its unique, exclusive, superior design and build.

Magifoam was one of the AutoBrite flagship products in 2005 which is still one of the best sellers today.  Thanks to the thick, soapy formula you will achieve stunning results every time.

The lance itself offers a wide range of connector fitments for your pressure washer 2 piece lance, such as the popular machines including:

  • Karcher
  • Nilfisk
  • Kranzle

Included with the lance in this kit is A 500ml bottle of Magifoam Snow Foam, a perfect introduction to this fantastic product.

Get your hands on the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance and Magifoam Kit today!

AutoBrite Direct Snow Foam Lance

AutoBrite Direct Snow Foam Lance

The use the AutoBrite Snow foam lance, pour approx. 1 inch of the Magifoam concentrate into the snow foam lance bottle.

Then top up the bottle with water.

Screw your freshly filled snow foam lance onto the bottle, making sure not to cross the threads.

When the foam lance is secured on the foam lance bottle, fit the car snow foam lance into your pressure washer gun by the bayonet, screw or click-in connection.

Turn on your pressure washer and press the trigger on your pressure washer gun.

Alter the thickness of foam via the adjustment red knob on top of the foam lance.

Adjust the spray angle of the foam by rotating the red nozzle from left to right for the desired effect.

When you have finished foaming, thoroughly rinse out your foam lance, nozzle, tube, and bottle with fresh water then hand towel dry.

Your foam lance is ready for the next foaming session!


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