AutoBrite Super Sheen Dressing

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Autobrite Supersheen is a superb dressing for interior and exterior usage. Suitable for all plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. This product leaves a rich glossy shine on all surfaces, but with next to no effort.

Ideal exterior plastics, under arches, tyres & engine compartments. Supersheen produces a long-lasting shine, with a pleasant coconut fragrance it is perfect for adding the finishing touch of any detail.

  • Ideal for any plastic. vinyl or rubber dressing
  • Leaves a long-lasting shine
  • Sprayable
  • Coconut fragrance

AutoBrite Super Sheen Dressing


  • Apply using the spray trigger (provided*) or using a trim dressing applicator, brush, or microfibre towel.
  • Dries in minutes, and leaves a high-gloss, without a non-tacky/ greasy finish.

Super sheen High Gloss Dressing, can be applied to both exterior plastics and vinyl. For interior use, we recommend applying using a microfibre applicator pad or towel.

Spray directly onto your chosen applicator, then spread the product evenly over the surface taking care not to apply the product to any control surfaces of the vehicle. To achieve a high gloss finish spray, apply and leave to dry. If a less glossy finish is required, lightly buff with a clean lint-free towel after application to achieve a semi-gloss finish.

When using on exterior surfaces, we recommend application using a foam applicator. Spray directly onto the applicator, and proceed to work the product evenly into the area to be treated. The product will be touch dry in a few minutes, allowing application of a second coat if required for that ultimate high gloss finish.

For engine bay use, spray directly onto surfaces to be dressed, taking care not to over-apply the product as runs may occur. Once the surface has been dressed, buff with a microfibre towel to achieve the desired finish. With wheel arch dressing, spray directly onto the wheel arch liner and allow to dry naturally, avoid over-application to prevent runs.

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