AutoBrite Superior Glass Cleaner

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AutoBrite Crystal Glass Cleaner  is recognised as one of the best car glass cleaners on the market.

It is without a doubt, one of the easiest products to use when cleaning glass surfaces in your car or vehicle. But it doesn’t stop there! Crystal can also be used around the house, including on indoor mirrors and glass stair panels. Our customers swear by our Crystal Superior Glass Cleaner.

Being a solvent-based cleaner, this powerful product removes dirt, grime, fingerprints, grease, food, smoke, vape fog, bird lime, and even exhaust smoke. The list simply goes on and on. A great way to effortlessly clean various glass surfaces.

Crystal has a high flash-off formula. Meaning that when applied, it can be instantly wiped and buffed, taking the dirt and grime with it. Safe for all glass, mirrors, window tints, and more. This car glass cleaner cleans surfaces quickly and effectively with a spray, wipe, and buff.

  • Fast-acting car glass cleaner
  • Streak free finish with minimum effort
  • Spray and wipe is all you need
  • Fast action cleaner that removes grime, insects, and tobacco film
  • Advanced smear free formulation helps reduce night time dazzle

AutoBrite Crystal Glass Cleaner

AutoBrite Crystal Glass Cleaner

Make sure all your glass surfaces and clean and dry before applying Crystal. If your glass is heavily contaminated you will need to use our Clear View creme Glass Polish for a more intensive clean & polish.

Some people hate cleaning their glass, in fact many get the whole glass cleaning thing so wrong by using the incorrect products and techniques. So the best way to clean your glass quickly and effectively is to have 2 x Enforcer Glass Towels, one for wiping the product into the glass, one to buff. So here we have some simple steps on how to clean your glass the right way (our recommendation of course).

  • If your glass is lightly contaminated, spray approx 3-5 fine mists of Crystal onto the glass.
  • Then pick up your glass cloth and buff the glass to a crystal finish, done!

Sometimes even when you have cleaned your glass, as you look into the light through the glass you may find some streaks and marks on there! That’s ok, it just needs a 2nd application to remove the remainder of the contamination.

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