AutoBrite Top Gloss Instant Wax Drying Aid

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Top Gloss from Autobrite  is a multi use versatile wax drying aid, designed for easy application.
Even though it is designed as a drying aid, Top Gloss adds a quick and easy layer of protection to your paint and enhances gloss for a “just waxed” look.

It helps the drying process by adding a light hydrophobic layer to all surfaces.  It allows water to sheet off evenly and cleanly thus minimising the water your drying towel needs to absorb and the amount of friction needed to lift water off of the surface.

Top gloss is incredibly versatile and can be applied in many ways when diluted:

  • Pump sprayer
  • Spray bottle
  • Foam lance
  • In the wash bucket with your shampoo
  • Detergent hose through your pressure washer

It is safe on all surfaces, and highly dilutable for extremely economical use. A very popular product amongst valeters, enthusiasts and trade customers alike.

  • Hydrophobic instant wax drying aid
  • Enhances shine and gloss to all surfaces
  • Safe on satin finishes
  • Adds protection for up to 4 weeks
  • Applies through various applications
  • The perfect partner for the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance

AutoBrite Top Gloss Instant Wax Drying Aid

Top Gloss Instant Wax Drying Aid can be used in different ways. Here we have explained the applications of the product.

When you have prepped and washed your car with the Autobrite products its time to add some quick protection from the following techniques with Top Gloss.

Spraying Top Gloss – Top Gloss is very effective via a spray trigger/bottle.

  • When you have washed the car with your favourite AD shampoo, pressure rinse the car completely.
  • The starting a panel at a time, spray Top Gloss Instant Wax Drying Aid directly to the surface ensuring complete coverage.
  • Leave Top Gloss to dwell for up to 5 minutes or so, by the time you have applied to the whole car it will be time to rinse.
  • Pressure rinse the Top Gloss thoroughly to reveal the instant protection from Top Gloss.
  • When fully rinsed, dry the car with our Reaper Drying Towel.

Top Gloss in a AD Snow Foam Lance – Top Gloss in one of our Snow Foam Lances really is something to see.

  • With your AD Snow Foam Lance add 100ml-200ml of Top Gloss to your foam lance bottle and top up with water.
  • Give it a shake, adjust your foam lance to the desired foam thickness and spray angle.
  • When applied to the surface it creates a thin, white foam coverage on the car and immediately starts to disappear leaving protection on the car.
  • Again leave that for a few minutes and a full pressure rinse is required to remove the solution.
  • Instant protection and gloss will be added, when fully rinsed, dry the car with our Reaper drying towel.

Top Gloss in your bucket – Another application for Top Gloss Instant Wax Drying Aid. Top Gloss can be added to your bucket shampoo solution.

  • When you are ready to wash your car, fill your bucket with a shampoo solution, then add approximately 100ml-200ml to your bucket.
  • As your washing your car you will notice that the surface will feel very slick and smooth, this is Top Gloss adding protection and gloss to your car instantly.
  • A full pressure rinse is required after the shampoo wash.
  • When rinsed dry the car with The Reaper Dying Towel.

When any of these application techniques are used, you will need to dry your car immediately. If spotting or streaking should appear, re apply Top Gloss onto a microfibre towel and wipe over the affected area, power rinse immediately and dry. If spotting is still visible, a quick wipe over with Berry Blast QD or a little Cherry Glaze will solve the issue.

Do not leave on the car for longer than recommended.
Do not apply Top Gloss Instant Wax Drying Aid to a hot car or in direct sunlight

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