AutoBrite Tyre Gloss High Gloss Dressing

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Autobrite TyreGloss is a cherry scented, gloss dressing for tyres that leaves a glorious shine to all rubber surfaces. You can control the look of your tyres by product application, apply a little for a satin finish, apply more for a high gloss finish. It leaves a stunning finish to your tyres and is water resistant too!

Used in many different industry environments, Tyre gloss certainly gets the job done! A durable tyre dressing that leaves a lovely sheen. Tyre gloss can be used on a regular basis. The product enables precise application and minimizes the risk of “product sling” thrown onto the adjacent body panels.

Treated tyres will retain a rich gloss black finish that will last wash after wash for many weeks.


AutoBrite Tyre Gloss High Gloss Dressing

When using Autobrite Tyregloss you want the best finish possible on your tyres, below is a few recommend applications by us to give you the best possible finish and without dreaded ‘product sling’ that some folk seem to struggle with.

  • Ensure the tyre is clean and completely dry before application
  • Spray approx 2-3 sprays of Tyre gloss to your applicator.
  • Work the product into the wall of the tyre ensuring all of the surface is completely covered.
  • This will give you a satin like finish. If
  • you wanted a higher gloss finish on your tyres, leave the first coat to dry approx 10 minutes then apply a few more sprays to the applicator and completely cover the tyre again ensuring you work all the dressing into the markings and letters of the tyre wall surface.
  • Leave to dry and will have a lovely, rich gloss to your tyres that also gives you that durable finish.

Another traditional method of application is applying the product straight to the tyre wall by spraying Tyregloss and completely covering all of the surface. This method my become a little messy as product may start to run down the wheel and tyre, quickly pick up your waffle applicator and wipe the tyre spreading the product around and then you can again control the look of your tyre from a satin to a high gloss finish.

Tyregloss can also be applied by again spraying Tyregloss onto the surface completely covering the tyre. Then you can always use a brush to wipe and work the product into the tyre until you get the desired effect. However you must approach this with caution, excess product on the tyre may cause excess product to sit within the markings of the tyre and will cause ‘product sling’.

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