BESAGLASS HS Anti Scratch Clearcoat Kit 7.5lt

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The BESAGLASS HS Anti Scratch Clearcoat Kit is a 2-component clearcoat designed to repair and refinishing vehicles with bi-coat systems.

It stands out for its excellent resistance to scratching (Car Wash simulation test) and petrol, easy application and good outdoor performance.

Also recommended to repair polycarbonate headlights, allowing their recovery and original appearance. Increases resistance to further damage.


BESAGLASS HS has a range of hardeners to achieve an optimal application both in the complete vehicle and in partial repairs (spot repair), covering the whole range of working temperatures.

The kit contains 5lt of Besaglass HS and 2.5lt Besa E-202 Fast Hardener as part of this kit.



Apply 2 cross coats at 5 to 10-minutes intervals, to allow solvents to evaporate.

For headlight applications, follow the BESA High Resistance Headlight Repair Process.

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It is applied directly on the basecoat (both solvent and waterborne) after at least 30 minutes from the application of the basecoat.

When using waterborne basecoats, it is very important to ensure that the water evaporates completely before the clearcoat is applied.
For application on polycarbonate headlights, pre-sand with P800 sandpaper and if necessary with P600. Degrease with plastic cleaning degreaser URKISOL 94.
See the Headlight Repair Process brochure

The use of BESA tack cloths is recommended before applying the clearcoat.