CeraCut 150mm Ceramic Discs

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Cera-cut discs are “true” ceramic abrasives, not just a coated version, making the performance exceptional, and the longevity extensive.

15-hole pattern contributes to a dust-free environment and increases the longevity of the disc when used with a dust extraction system.

A stearate bond, with semi open coat resin over resin provides maximum load resistance, reduces heat transfer and extends the life of the product.

Self-sharpening prismatic ceramic grain ensures constant, uncompromised quicker stock removal.

Cera-Cut Pro remain strong in their sanding capacity, right down to the last grain and maintain a consistent grade cut along the surface.

Perfect for sanding scratch-resistant lacquers, E-coats, primers and composites thus eliminating the need of other speciality products.

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Cera-Cut Pro Discs

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