AutoBrite Clean Towels Microfibre Wash Detergent

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Clean Towels is a high quality cleaning solution packed full of surfactants and emulsifiers designed specifically to gently clean and care for microfibre fabric. Clean Towels will help remove wax residue, dirt, oil and more. It contains no bleaches or softeners, both of which ruin the unique properties of microfibres. It is easy to use both by hand or by machine (recommended) and is highly concentrated.

Microfibre towels and pads play a huge part when detailing your car; wash pads, drying towels, polish removal, wax removal, glass cleaning and more. It stands to reason that the fabric will end up filthy, and in need of a deep clean. Look no further than Clean Towels.


  • High quality cleaning solution
  • Cleans microfibre towels, machine pads and applicators
  • Clean towels effectively
  • Very economical
  • Leaves towels very soft and fluffy

How to use

Clean Towels can be used by hand or machine wash when cleaning your microfibre towels. When using Clean Towels use 30-60ml per wash (30ml low to 60ml high soiling levels). Set your machine to a hot wash cycle Allow to dry using low heat tumble dry or dry naturally.

Low heat is critical in the drying stage, as it can quite literally melt the fibres of the towels. During the wash stage, hot water is fine as the water helps prevent fibre damage, whilst promoting dirt removal. It is also important to dry the microfibre fabric on its own in the dryer, as it will attract lint and other fabric fibres into the pile of the towel due to the static properties of the microfibre fabric. Cared for properly, your microfibre towels and pads can last a long time. Clean Towels, a small element that makes a big difference to your towels.

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