GYS Suncolor Inspection Torch

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The Suncolor lamp from GYS can be used for multiple tasks in the workshop using the swivel hook and the flexible base that tilts up to 180°.
The lamp is fitted with a Li-Ion battery that can be charged using the mains charger or the USB cable, both supplied.
The performance of the unit will not be affected by variations in temperature between 10 and 40°C. The wireless design makes it a very easy tool to use and improves the flexibility of the different tasks being carried out in the workshop.

The light created by the Suncolor goes up to 4500K. This results in the artificial light created to be extremely close to day light. This is an ideal situation for the user to be able to identify paint defects.  Swirls and scratches can be accurately seen prior to and during paint correction processes to ensure effective results.

The Suncolor is also ideal for checking colour replication of swatches and spray-out cards for colour accuracy prior to refinishing.

-400 Lumin Cob Led Technology
-Upto 4500k – Daylight quality
-Rechargeable with 4.5hrs run time.
-Swivel head and magnet base.