Iwata 2020 Complete Air Fed Mask & Waist Belt

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Iwata Air fed Mask & Waist belt kit


One of the biggest risks to the health and safety of the human body is the inhalation of dust, paint mists, gases, vapours or other contaminants, which can be greatly hazardous to our health, even in small quantities. For this reason, it is of extreme importance to use masks to protect against respiratory aggression’s that you can undergo during a job in a saturated environment of toxic substances. Anest Iwata offers excellent protections to always ensure your safety in all kinds of environments. Air fed 2020 Full Face Mask is functional and stylish. Suitable for use with previously filtered compressed air.



  • Very good all-round visibility with large visor
  • Head protection and comfort headband
  • Visor with quick-change protection film
  • Individually adjustable belt
  • Easily adjustable width adjustment
  • Adjustable fresh air regulator
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Air indicator
  • 1.5M hose with an I/D of 8mm
  • Supplied in hygiene box

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