Iwata LPH80 Luxury Edition

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Experience the epitome of luxury and performance, with the LPH-80 Luxury edition!

We are thrilled to present the new LPH-80 Limited edition with only a small number of units available: the gold-coated Spot Repair gun combines technical excellence with timeless beauty. Enter the world of exclusivity and precision with this incredible creation.

The LPH-80 is a Premium Quality Spray Gun for Spot Repair Applications. Specially designed for small repair work and hard-to-reach areas, with an ability to keep repairs small and compact. Suitable for all products including Primer, Base coat and Clear coat.


Fine compact atomisation makes working on small repair work a breeze compared to full-size spray guns which produce a wetter and unrefined result. Fan patterns can be made as small as 1cm with a maximum size of 15cm, making the LPH-80 highly versatile.


Stone chips, scuffs, bumper repairs, interior, leather, and wheel repairs are just a few of the tasks the LPH-80 can handle. The LPH-80 has an extremely low air consumption meaning it can run on small compressors, over-spray and material usage are considerably lower than a full-size spray gun the LPH-80 only uses 60 Nl/min. This makes the LPH-80 ideal for mobile repairers and technicians on the go.


Available in nozzle sizes from 0.8 to 1.2mm provides an even greater window of application, 1.0mm – 1.2mm nozzle sizes are great all-rounders that can handle a great variety of tasks. For more intricate work the 0.8mm nozzle will deliver great atomisation on highly intricate repairs.



– Designed for spot and smart repair.

– Optimised fan pattern easily wets up panels and lays clearcoat perfectly.

– Atomisation is best in class – even droplet distribution and uniform size.

– Consistent fan pattern control and versatility when going from spot to full fan.

– Maximum performance and colour matching result in correct results the first time.

–  Highly versatile set-up options for any application or repair work.

What’s included:

  • Luxury Edition LPH-80
  • 70cc gravity cup
  • 250cc gravity cup
  • Maintenance grease
  • LPH-80 Spanner
  • Cleaning brushes
  • 250cc gravity cup adapter
  • Airline fitting

Additional information

Pot Size

70ml and 250ml

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