Iwata LS400 Supernova Spray Gun

£349.00 ex VAT



Iwata LS400 Supernova Basecoat HVLP Spray Gun.

The gun is supplied with the following:

  • LS400 Spray Gun complete with pot – supplied with an ET air cap (ETS option is available on request)
  • Spanner and cleaning brush included


New Split Nozzle Technology


Iwata have evolved their split nozzle technology, allowing the atomizing air flow to cut the paint stream like a knife and controls the droplets efficiently. A long flat uniform spray pattern with a fine and consistent droplet size achieves an easily controlled paint overlap, this also gives you a premium quality application of all paints with it’s superior wet control.

Round Nozzle:

Split Nozzle:




  • Perfect surfaces and finest atmoization by Split Nozzle Technology
  • Soft spray pattern for easy handling when blending
  • High material transfer, maximum material savings
  • Large and uniform spray pattern
  • VOC compliant professional spray gun, significantly more than 65% efficiency
  • Clearly visible reduction of so called fat edges
  • Low background noise
  • Lightweight spray gun body
  • Simple adjustment of the control knobs, for right and left handers
  • Conical seal nozzle, minimum wear parts
  • Clearer design, easy maintenance
  • Quality surface for an easy cleaning


1.3mm ET is the setup recommended by Iwata for most basecoat applications.

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