Iwata WS400 Supernova Clear Spray Gun

£299.00 ex VAT



Iwata WS400 Supernova Clearcoat HVLP Spray Gun.




  • Perfect surfaces by Split Nozzle Technology
  • HD (High Delivery) Nozzles are also available allowing a faster, fuller flow
  • Very fine atomization
  • VOC compliant professional spray gun, significantly more than 65% efficiency
  • Clearly visible reduction of so called fat edges
  • Quiet and pleasant background noise
  • Anatomically lightweight spray gun body
  • Simple operation of the control knobs, for right and left handers
  • Conical seal nozzle, minimum wear parts
  • Clearer design, easy maintenance
  • Quality surface for an easy cleaning


1.3mm HD is the setup recommended by Iwata for most clearcoat applications.


New Split Nozzle Technology


Iwata have evolved their split nozzle technology, allowing the atomizing air flow to cut the paint stream like a knife and controls the droplets efficiently. A long flat uniform spray pattern with a fine and consistent droplet size achieves an easily controlled paint overlap, this also gives you a premium quality application of all paints with it’s superior wet control.

Round Nozzle:

Split Nozzle:




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