Raceglaze Signature Wash Mitt

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These Signature series mitts are for us, the best available on the market.  Constructed from Canadian Lambs Wool, they are made to last. Featuring a lovely deep pile and are amazingly soft to pamper your paintwork.

Their thick construction means they keep dirt away from the surface and deep inside the mitt. They absorb a lot of water and so keep themselves fed with water and shampoo to create a brilliant wash experience.

With an elasticated collar for comfort during use adds to the specification of this market leading product.

Please note, this product comes in a variety of colours and will be randomly selected.

Signature Series wash Mitt

With such a thick plush pile these mitts really help the wash process

  • Run a small amount of shampoo into the mitt pile and lightly rub into the surface
  • Dunk the mitt into your bucket of shampoo wash water
  • Run the mitt over the vehicle from top to bottom, revisiting your bucket regularly
  • Thoroughly rinse vehicle to remove all suds.
  • Rinse the mitt through with clean water and air dry.