Teroson ET Gun Powerline II

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The Teroson Powerline II Pistol is a compressed air cartridge gun with the ability to dispense one- and two-component glazing sealants from their cartridges. Its integrated pressure gauge works at a 3:1 pressure ratio, meaning the working pressure is three times the input pressure – this makes sure not only that high viscosity pastes can be dispensed at a quicker rate, but that also all 310ml cartridges can be processed, even in unfavourable conditions such as cold nozzle cartridges.

Despite being a compressed air pistol, the Powerline II uses mechanical ram in order to advance adhesive from its cartridge – because there is no air being introduced to the cartridge, the product within will not experience popping and sputtering while dispensing, providing a much smoother and professional application. The integrated pressure gauge combined with the adjustable pressure rate means there is better control of the dispense rate, accommodating for the application of low- and high-viscosity materials.


  • High air pressure gun
  • Patented system to avoid blasting of cartridges
  • For low- to very high-viscosity material
  • Constant material flow
  • Adjustable operating pressure
  • Integral pressure manometer
  • With conversion kit for 400 ml foil packs
  • Recommended for flat- and wide-stream seam sealing applications
  • Ergonomically designed hand grip
  • Extrusion by piston rod

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