Walcom Genesi Carbonio 360 Light HTE Base

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The Walcom Carbonio 360 is the first carbon fibre spray gun in the market, the lightest ever, exceptional transfer efficiency and an atomizing quality that challenges any competitor.  An aluminum core with a carbon fiber body, the most advanced and sophisticated performance composite material. Italian design, beauty & performance at its best!

The Genesi Carbonio 360 Light combines all the benefits related to the use of carbon fiber, forged aluminum and stainless steel, with new technologies and solutions that enrich its value and functionality.

HTE by Walcom®, more than 20 years of experience with the most popular technology in the marker, the paint system that combines adequate atomizing pressure and high transferred efficiency, certified by international independent laboratory and research institutes.
The B series air caps developed in collaboration with the paint companies, the 12-hole nozzle with diffuser and flexibility in the product and fan adjustment make it a real jewel in the application of the latest generation paint products.

GENESI CARBONIO HTE base is an excellent professional tool and these are some of the features:
– High atomization and product lay out,
– Low air consumption (350 l/min) at 2 bar,
– Compliant max 2 bar,
– Certified transfer efficiency over 70%,
– Nozzle with special diffuser for air flow homogeneity,
– Easy to adjust and versatility,
– Ergonomic handle and lever,
– Carbon fiber for lightness and corrosion resistance,
– Excellent color match, certified,
– 340 g weight, the lightest on the market.

Walcom Genesi 360 Light


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