3M 06941+ Disposable Half Mask / Respirator

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3M 06941+ is the best selling disposable half mask on the market. This new model, 06941+, offers improved breathing comfort. With FFA1P2D built in filters, this mask is typically used for applications such as spraying non-isocyanate based paints and certain adhesives, coatings and sealers. This mask can last up to 40 hours of use, as long as it is kept in a sealed, airless container when not in use (ie. the resealable bag it comes in)



  • Extremely light weight, well balanced design
  • Low profile design for better peripheral vision
  • 2 adjustable straps to form a comfortable fit
  • Protects against dust and odours
  • Typically used for applications such as mixing paints, spraying non-isocyanate paints and applications of adhesives and sealers
  • Conforms to EN405 2001


The mask can be used until damages, particulate filters clog, gas filters become saturated or after one month (providing it is kept in a sealed, airless container when not in use)


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