Cartec 12000 Ultra Finish

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Cartec’s Ultra Finish 12000 is the final polishing stage in our compounding system.

Use after Diamond Cut 3000 and Final Cut 9000 to add even more gloss for the perfect finish.

Free of silicone, fillers and ammonia, Ultra Finish 12000 guarantees that flatting and sanding marks won’t come back, and acts as a quick solution for rectification of paints that are only lightly marked. Ultra Finish 12000’s self lubricating formula means you don’t need to use any water, which helps stop the product from flinging off when using a machine polisher. This drastically cuts down the time you spend cleaning up after your rectification, letting you move onto the next step of your detail.

Pair with out Anthracite Waffle Polishing Pads for an easy, mess free, hologram free finish!

Cartec 12000 Ultra Finish

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