Cartec Wheel Cleaner (Acid Free)

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Cartec’s Wheel Cleaner Acid Free is a proven favourite all around the world. Sold in over 54 countries, everyone who uses Wheel Cleaner Acid Free knows straight away that they’re using a quality product.


While it might not have a fancy name, Wheel Cleaner Acid Free is a highly concentrated and effective wheel cleaner that strips brake dust, road grime and dirt build up from all types of wheels quickly and safely.


With BMW approval – we’re confident in saying that Wheel Cleaner Acid Free is one of, if not the best acid free wheel cleaners on the planet.


Dilutable up to 1:10 (product:water) depending on how dirty your wheels are, Wheel Cleaner Acid Free is the quick, easy and safe way to get your wheels looking like new.


Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

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