Tru-Clean Gun Cleaner Combo (GCC)

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The Trisk | DeVilbiss freestanding Tru-Clean™ GCS single gun and GCC combo cleaner units allow for superior cleaning, proper maintenance, and longer life
out of spray guns.

The GCS unit will clean 1 gun using solvent or waterborne media, perfect for smaller shops. The GCC unit has both 1 automatic station for cleaning solvent
medias, and 1 manual station for cleaning waterborne medias, for high-production shops.

Compact unit design provides flexibility of installation and requires minimal space in paint mixing rooms or dedicated cleaning areas. Powerful 10 l/min @ 6bar ( 2.6 gpm @ 87 psi) pump delivers
effective cleaning of challenging paints.

Convenient 90-second auto wash button and simple user interface offers two activations: auto wash button or manual foot pedal control that allows for use of both hands during manual rinsing


  • Five-nozzle wash bay for powerful and efficient 90 second automatic cleaning cycles
    – Dedicated nozzle for gun paint channel cleaning
    featuring universal disposable cup adaption
    – Dedicated nozzle for air cap cleaning
    – Three additional nozzles positioned to clean all
    exterior surfaces of applicator & components
  • Robust & serviceable cleaning nozzle design
    – Five-nozzle washing bay allows for higher pressure through each nozzle for better cleaning and reduced cleaning time
    – Easy-to-service with quick release mechanism
    – Polyamide construction to prevent damage to guns and components supporting lower maintenance costs
  • Strong ventilation when lid is open keeps operators safe and paint kitchen free of VOC’s
  • Stainless Steel Washing Bay Construction
  • High flow pump for effective cleaning
  • Non-inverted cup mount

– Washes full paint channel of cup (mount does not block gun inlet)

– Washes outer top thread for cups with threaded lids (GFC-501)

– Mount does not damage inside of gravity cups, creating pockets for coatings to build up

  • Center mount exhaust port/vent – 100mm (4”) sizing is compatible with standard paint mixing rooms

– Supports strong, effective volatile extraction when the lid is open (0.8m/sec.)

  • Fit 4 drums of cleaning media – 2 for recirculation, 2 for final clean rinse
  • Manual rinse brush quickly cleans waterborne coatings
  • Lever allows selection of recirculating or clean rinse, to minimize waste