Evercoat Light Speed Optex Filler

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OPTEX® Light Speed™ Premium Filler is a dual cured bodyfiller.
Its excellent sanding qualities are a result of the patented Ecoresin™.
OPTEX® Light Speed™ Premium Filler uses a new patent pending color change technology that optically transitions from pink to a light grey-green, and can be accelerated to cure in 3
minutes (i).
It’s non-sag formula has excellent filling properties, while eliminating the need for finishing putty.


  • Dual Cure: cures with UV LED Lamp and/or traditional catalisation
  • Ready to sand in just 3 minutes when cured with UV LED Lamp (i)
  • Uses patent pending color-changing technology
  • Spreads easy and virtually eliminates micro-pinholes
  • Excellent sanding thanks to ECORESIN™ technology
  • Meets 500 hour corrosion resistance (ASTM B117)

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