Farecla G360 Super Fast Polishing System Kit

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POLISH LESS, SAVE MORE – Ever more bodyshops are recognising that to save time, energy and product costs in the polishing bay, Farécla G360 is the king of cost savings:

  • ⏱️ SAVING TIME – Up to 48% faster than competing systems
  • ⚡ SAVING ENERGY – Up to 42% less energy consumption
  • 💷 SAVING PRODUCT – No P3000 required and up to 56% less polish

Find out what a switch to the G360 Super Fast System could be worth to your bodyshop 

The NEW G360 System Complete Kit (KT3018) includes recent enhancements to the range with the addition of the G Mop Angled Compounding and Finishing foams – offering great visibility and control at panel edges and around awkward areas such as door handles and mirrors, without sacrificing flexibility – and Farécla Clean and Protect –  a powerful clean up spray that leaves a lasting protective layer despite being silicone- and VOC-free.

KT3018 Contains:

  • G360 Super Fast Compound (1 KG) | SFC101
  • G360 Super Fast Finish (1 L) | SFF101
  • Farécla Clean and Protect (1 L) | CAP101
  • G Mop Super High Cut Pad (150mm / 6″ Range) | GMC650
  • G Mop Angled Compounding Foam (Yellow – 150mm / 6″ Range) | GMC622
  • G Mop Angled Finishing Foam (Black- 150mm / 6″ Range) | GMF622
  • G Plus Finishing Cloths (3 Pack) | FC-3
  • G Plus Spurring Brush | GPS001
  • A3 Process Chart(s)

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