Global EZ Roller Wheel Spinner

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Do you have cars stuck on jack stands or lifts when a vehicle is missing tyres or wheels?


The Global EZ Roller Wheel Spinner is a universal wheel that provides a unique one of a kind mobility solution for standard cars or electronic vehicles when the brakes freeze or the vehicle has no power. It is easy to use, bolts onto the vehicle’s hub in minutes and the disabled car can be pushed or pulled into the shop or onto a tow truck.

With two universal wheels that provides the solution to move most 4, 5, and 6 lug vehicles and our wheels work on AWD, FWD and RWD vehicles.

It replaces dolly’s or two step spinning hubs and works great outside on inclines, gravel, uneven pavement.

There are no extra parts required and the Global EZ Roller Wheel Spinner uses factory nuts and bolts.

  •  Replaces unstable dollies, when dollies are used outside on
    uneven pavement inclines, gravel or dirt
  • Provides the ability to push or pull vehicles with no power
    or stuck in park onto a tow truck or unto a service bay
  • Works easier than 2 step hub and wheel spinner
  • 1000KG | 2000lbs per hub
  • Kit includes: 1 EZ Roller and 1 patent pending collar/flange that locks in the spinning wheel and converts the roller to a spinner.

For the EZ Roller without Spinner click. here!

The Global EZ Roller Wheel Spinner is made of Thermo Plastic Elastomers (TPE), which are a class of copolymers that consists of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE materials show advantages typically of both rubbery and plastic materials. In short, our tire has enough rubber in it to offer superior traction and has the strength characteristics of our injection molded plastic wheel.

Manufactured to clear all brake calipers, including oversized Brembo brake calipers. The fastening system is 60-degree cone seat and in most cases the vehicles OEM nuts and bolts work can securely fasten our universal wheel to the vehicle’s wheel hub.

How many EZ Roller-Spinners are required to be installed on a car that is locked in park or has lost power?

RWD and FWD cars generally require two on either the front or back axles. On some brands of vehicles, only 1 EZ Roller-Spinner is required. Examples are a Mercedes AWD or BMW AWD, as the engineering was set up to unlock the brakes on all four axles. Other car brands may require two on the rear axles of their AWD vehicle. We recommend checking with the service department of the specific vehicle to determine how the axles will unlock, so the car can be moved safely.


How to transform the EX Roller to a Roller-Spinner

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