Maxshine Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance

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The Hydro 360 Snow Foam Lance allows you to have greater control over the jet of foam that is sprayed onto your vehicle.

The lance has a fully adjustable spray pattern that allows you to spray vertically or horizontally. The Hydro 360 also features an adjustable foam injection knob so you can alter the denseness of the foam. This allows you to use thinner or thicker foam depending on the job.

The lance bottle holds up to 1 Litre of your favourite snow foam. The lance combines high pressure water with snow foam or car wash soap and air to produce thick clinging foam.

By covering your car with snow foam you reduce the risk of leaving swirl marks or scratches on your paintwork. The thick, clinging foam works by loosening dirt and contaminants from the paint surface.

We have a variety of adaptors available that work with various pressure washers. Simply select the adaptor you need from the drop-down menu.


–         Attaches to pressure washer

–         Adjustable spray pattern

–         Allows you to adjust thickness of the foam

–         Wide neck bottle will not fall over


Size: 1 Litre wide neck bottle

Snow Foam Lance

The use the Snow foam lance, pour approx. 1 inch of the Magifoam concentrate into the snow foam lance bottle.

Then top up the bottle with water.

Screw your freshly filled snow foam lance onto the bottle, making sure not to cross the threads.

When the foam lance is secured on the foam lance bottle, fit the car snow foam lance into your pressure washer gun by the bayonet, screw or click-in connection.

Turn on your pressure washer and press the trigger on your pressure washer gun.

Alter the thickness of foam via the adjustment black knob on top of the foam lance.

Adjust the spray angle of the foam by rotating the red nozzle from left to right for the desired effect.

When you have finished foaming, thoroughly rinse out your foam lance, nozzle, tube, and bottle with fresh water then hand towel dry.

Your foam lance is ready for the next foaming session!

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