Innotec Repaplast Plastic Adhesive 50ml

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Repaplast  adhesive will repair and glue most surfaces such as plastic, metal and wood. It is a dual component product especially designed for the quick repair and gluing of materials and almost all types of modern synthetic. Repaplast adheres perfectly to all kinds of plastics and lacquered or bare metal parts. The product dries very quickly, as a result can be futher processed after just 10 minutes.


Repaplast is very easy to sand and can be sprayed over using just about any type of modern paint system. Produces an extremely strong bond and can also be applied for the long term repair of cracks and holes in plastics.


Supplied with a special mixer nozzle ensuring the right mixture proportions and prevents the remainder from hardening in the container. This means that an opened tube can still be kept for a long time. For best results, apply with the 50ml cartridge gun.


  • Dual component product for repairing and gluing plastic
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Very fast drying
  • Perfectly sandable and sprayable
  • Handy dual tube ensures accurate dosing


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