Iwata W200 Integra FT

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The Iwata W200 Integra FT is the sophisticated successor of Anest Iwata’s W-200 lineup. The W-200 has been well known as the go-to spray gun for Industrial applications. While they look quite comparable at first glance almost all of the internals have been redesigned and improved. This makes the new W-200 INTEGRA your perfect companion for challenging jobs in the Industrial paint application. The Iwata W200 Integra FT has traditional Flat tips and comes with grey Air Cap Rings.

Easier maintenance

The new W-200 INTEGRA is designed for easy maintenance with few deeper and coarser thread pitches on the air caps this means only one and half turns is required to remove the cap for cleaning. Also, the back of the needle has been reshaped to make it easier to remove and re-attach.

No baffles

The INTEGRA range has no need for removable front baffles, one less part to maintain and one less part to replace. The W-200 INTEGRA also has a tried and tested one component
needle packing cartridge construction for a long-life trouble-free application in any industrial environment.

Linear fan adjustment

The W-200 INTEGRA has a new linear fan adjuster for an even greater and more responsive fine incremented adjustment, this new feature also helps when precise adjustment is needed and a faster full fan to spot is required for those difficult to reach areas. The linear pattern adjustment set reduces around 35% on the first turn, 50% after one and half turns and 70% after two turns which makes the gun more responsive and adaptable in all conditions.

Air valve seat set

The INTEGRA has a new air valve seat set mechanism that distributes the air flow through the gun. The new oversized distribution holes in the air valve increase the capacity to distribute the flow to the air cap reducing any restrictions which helps to control the balance and performance of the droplets and improves the atomization properties of the spray gun. The new air
valve is also easy to maintain and easy refit.

Ergonomic body

The W-200 INTEGRA with its new gun body modifications and aesthetically pleasing design helps give the professional painter a whole new effortless application experience. With
its sleek new lines and chiseled features the Integra helps increase the ergonomic feel of the gun which is essential when painting for long periods at a time. Plus with its instantly recognizable Twilight chrome coating the new W-200 INTEGRA is easy to clean and easy to maintain.


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Air Nipple

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