Max Meyer CFE Etch Primer 7050

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Max Meyer CFE Etch Primer 7050 has been specially developed to improve bodyshop efficiency and provide a more user friendly etch primer. An excellent fast drying etch primer that delivers the corrosion protection and adhesion needed for today’s ‘right first time’ processes over a wide range of substrates (steel, aluminium and galvanised metals).

Max Meyer Chromate Free Wash Etch Primer 7050 Features and Benefits

Easy and Quick Application: Painters can confidently apply this Etch Primer in the knowledge that it will produce an excellent finish and reduce process times.
Fine Overspray Edge: An extremely fast flash-off and fine overspray edge means that there’s no need to de-nib.

Long Pot Life: The 5 day pot life means you can use the same product you mixed on the Monday for the whole week making it very economical.
Substrated Adhesion: Painters can be confident that this Etch Primer can be applied to many different surfaces including steel, aluminium and galvanised metals.


Pack size: 1 litre

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