MaxMeyer 0320 HS Clearcoat

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MaxMeyer HS Clear 0320, the new premium clearcoat in the MaxMeyer range, provides bodyshops with a cost-effective product that improves on efficiency and final results. With quick bake cycles and an excellent, easy to achieve final appearance, MaxMeyer HS Clear 0320 is perfect for painters of any experience and a first-class addition to bodyshops.

Comes with 5 litres of MaxMeyer UHS 0320 Clear + a choice between 2730 Fast hardener or 2740 Extra Fast hardener. Please refer to technical data sheet for correct choice of hardener.

Available with 3 hardener choices:

  • 2740 – provides the fastest process time at 60°C
  • 2730 – can be used when a slower option is needed
  • 2720 – suitable for applications in a low bake environment to provide optimum performance at temperatures of up to 30°C


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy mixing, simple 2:1 mixing ratio eases product use
  • Fast flash off, 0-5 minutes flash off before baking, improving throughput
  • VOC-compliant, two-component clearcoat suitable for all general collision types of repair
  • Excellent polishing characteristics, polishing is easy and can be carried out days after the product has been applied
  • High solid properties, due to it’s high solid content, less product needs to be applied compared to a medium solid to give the same film build. Saving on product usage.
  • Range of hardener options, gives flexibility for different types of repair
  • Robust application properties, can be used successfully in a wide variety conditions all year round
  • Visit application, improving process time and energy cost savings
  • Just 15 minutes bake at 60°C



MaxMeyer 0320 HS Clearcoat Application

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