MaxMeyer HP Multigrey Extra Primer

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MaxMeyer Multigrey HP Extra primer offers good filling capabilities, excellent laydown and easy sanding. Available in 3 colours, M1 White, M4 Grey and M6 Dark Grey, all 3lt in size.

All 3 colours can be mixed together to obtain the correct undercoat colour to reduce basecoat usage and improve process time. Mixing ratio is 4:1:0.5 (with MaxMeyer 6000 / 8000 hardener and 2710 thinner)


Features and Benefits

  • Complete primer offering
  • Easy sanding – developed for ease of sanding both wet and dry
  • Multigrey mixing capability – all 3 primers can be mixed together to achieve the correct greyshade for your topocat colour
  • Robust application properties – suitable for a wide range of conditions, providing excellent performance all year round.

MaxMeyer HP Multigrey Extra Application Guide

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