MaxMeyer Prep Paste 2400 (1L)

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MaxMeyer Prep Paste 2400

Prep Paste 2400 is a water soluble abrasive product which can be applied with either an abrasive pad or a fine cloth to provide various abrasion levels as required. Prep Paste 2400 ensures an even key to panels prior to topcoating.

MaxMeyer Prep Paste 2400 Features and Benefits

  • Easy and quick application: Easy to apply and easily removed from the panel leaving no residue marks.
  • Simple to use: Quick solution for preparing the panel


  1. Prep Paste is applied by hand with a Scotch-brite Ultrafine Grey pad and water.
    Use the pad and paste to flat and key the area to be painted.
    Wash off all residues with clean water and thoroughly dry with a clean cloth.
    Note: Failure to remove all residues may affect the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint.
    Thoroughly clean the prepared surfaces with a suitable precleaner and Tak off before painting.

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