MIPA 2K HS Fillprimer Wet on Wet 1lt

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MIPA 2K HS Fillprimer Wet on Wet is a 2-component polyurethane wet-on-wet filler which can be already recoated after approx. 15 minutes without loss of gloss. Especially designed for car repair. Also suitable for applications on commercial vehicles as well as in the industrial sector for platform gates, driver’s cab, machines a. s. o. Fast re-coatability and excellent gloss retention. After the drying of approx. 15 minutes it’s already possible to remove dirt inclusions. Very good flow and excellent spray mist absorption go hand in hand with very good edge coverage and vertical stability. This product can be applied directly on steel and iron. Furthermore, it is possible to overcoat intact, sound cataphoretic coatings without any pre-sanding. Mipa 2K-HS-Fillprimer can be overcoated within 5 days without intermediate sanding.