Mirka PCS 650ml Paint Cup System

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The Mirka Paint Cup System is engineered to simplify the paint spraying process. The cups are designed to be disposable and to ensure a clean and safe painting process.

The Paint Cup System not only reduces solvent use remarkably in the clean-up phase, but it also enables an all-in-one solution: the Paint Cup System combines mixing and painting using the same cups.


Paint Cups:

The Paint Cups are offered in different sizes: 180ml, 400ml, 650ml and 850ml. The cup lids are available in two different mesh sizes for different paints: 125µm for base coat and 190µm for primer fillers.

The Mirka Paint Cup System consists of five parts: the outer hard cup itself with markings for paint mixing, the soft inner liner, the lid and its mesh filter and finally the locking ring with stopper. The stopper has been specially designed to keep paint from drying.

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