Moldex 7725 Pura-Fit Station 250 Pairs Earplugs Dispenser

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Moldex 7725 Pura-Fit Station (With 250 Pairs Of Ear Plugs)

Dispensing station only

Made from recyclable material and with only 2% wastage the dispenser puts protection at the centre of the workforce.

Plugs remain hygienic as the dispenser mechanism is automatically replaced with every refill.

  • Contains 250 pairs of Moldex Pura-Fit (Small)
  • SNR 36
  • Dispensing station only
  • Dispenser allows a supply of earplugs to be made available in the appropriate location
  • Providing a cost effective and hygienic solution to the supply of hearing protection
  • Refillable – reducing plastic waste by 92%
  • Dispenses only one or two earplugs at a time
  • The mounting bracket comes separately and is needed for all Moldex stations Product code MOL/7060
  • Conforms to EN352-2:2002.

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