Moldex Compact Mask 5430 Reusable Respirator

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Moldex Compact Mask 5430 Reusable Respirator is completely Reusable for 28 days depending on the environmentThis is an Ultra-compact half mask which is maintenance free and ready for use. It allows plenty of movement for the wearer while still sitting comfortably against the face. It makes use of Pleated Filter Technology which provides low breathing resistance and high durability.

This Moldex Compact Mask 5430 uses Pleated Filter Technology,FFA1B1E1K1P3 R D , Moldex Compact Mask 5430 is maintenance free and ready for use. Wide field of vision. Unrestricted freedom of movement. Lightweight and comfortable. FlexFit: automatically adjusts to different face shapes. Pleated Filter Technology: low breathing resistance, high durability

Very lightweight, easy to use and offers unrestricted freedom of movement. The low profile design offers excellent field of vision and can be worn with other safety equipment like face shields, welding helmets or goggles.  Designed for comfort and simplicity.  The dimensions have been reduced to a minimum to offer the smallest possible profile.

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