ProWorx Swift Deep Body Filler

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A high performance body filler, perfect for the filling of large repairs and manufactured especially for simplified application and contouring. Ideal for professional use during the repair of surface imperfections.


Swift lightweight body filler has excellent lightweight qualities and is ideal for high build and low effort sanding. This product’s excellent adhesion properties can be achieved on all common substrates and has the duel ability to deep fill where required.


Once cured initial sanding can take place with P80 grit sandpaper followed by progressively finer grades until required shape and finish is obtained.


  • Extra smooth and easy sand crash repair
  • Ideal for large repair areas
  • Great filling and build properties
  • Can be used with the latest in infrared drying technologies


Perfect for use on:

  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium
  • GRP, including SMC
  • Sound original paintwork



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