Sagola 3300 GTO TECH Gravity Spray Gun

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The Sagola 3300 GTO Gravity Spray Gun is launched with the highest SAGOLA manufacturing standards. All this with strict compliance with the most demanding standards of manufacture and emissions of solvents, with EPA and HVLP systems.

With a new forged and anodized body and more ergonomic design together with the highest quality and efficiency nozzles, make a more attractive and versatile spray gun with an excellent value for money offering a wide range of solutions for different painting applications.

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Technical Advantages of the Sagola 3300 GTO

  • Super Light Technology
    • Utilising Metal to Metal construction without Sealing Gaskets Between Components.
  • One Single Piece Automatic Paint Packing Gland.
    • Unique In The Market. It Avoids Manipulation And Breakage Of The Glands And Makes Easier To Remove It For A Thorough Cleaning Of The Paint Area.
  • Ergonomic Trigger.
  • Made Of Stainless Steel. It Reduces Fatigue
  • Nozzle And Needle Made Of Stainless Steel.
  • Single Shaft System
    • Directly Continuing Xtreme Model Series With A Simplified Design, Synchronized Performance In Any Kind Of
  • Situation, Fewer Parts, And Maintenance Reduction.
  • New Colour Identifier Perfect For Differentiation Spray Guns When There are Multiple Painters.
  • High-precision Air Flow Regulator
    • Modern Design Without Sharp Edges, It Makes Easier The Cleaning Process. Better Regulation Precision. It Avoids Working Loose Unwittingly.

Currently the Sagola 3300 GTO Gravity Spray Gun is being offered with a GTO Tech Air Cap.

Technical Data

GTO Tech

Air Consumption: 290 L/min
Fan size: 290-300 mm
Application Distance: 8-20 cm

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Fluid Tip

1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm