Spare lid for SATA RPS 0.6 l / 0.9 l

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Box of 80 SATA RPS lids only, suitable for the 0.6lt or 0.9lt mixing cups. (No sieves are included)


SATA RPS is the ideal cup system for Bodyshops focusing on perfect finishes and high profitability. It makes the painter’s life much easier, considerably increases productivity and drastically reduces the consumption of cleaning solutions and solvents.


  • Easy to use
  • Fits directly on all SATA Spray guns – no adapters required
  • Perfect finish results are easily achieved – even material flow
  • Cleaning becomes almost irrelevant allowing quick colour changes
  • Stable cup ensures safe storage of leftover material
  • Reduces cleaning efforts and saves solvents


Mixing Paint

The paint is mixed in the cup which is later used for painting. Time-consuming preparation, such as sieving paint, additional mixing cups and sieves are no longer required. The workplace stays clean, the contact with the paint is reduced to a minimum.


Painting and Refilling

The low weight – for example, a 0.6l cup with lid weighs 50g only – and a low center of gravity allow safe and fatigue free work. Colour changes are effected rapidly, only the short paint channel of the spray gun requires flushing. Upon request, the SATA RPS cup can also be refilled and in a cleanly manner.


Storing Paint

During storage, the sturdy cup and the airtight closure prevent the paint from being affected. Further, the sturdy cup makes handling easier.


Convenient Disposal after use

Cleaning the cup is not necessary. This reduces non-productive times as well as cleaning agent and solvent consumption, helping save money and protect the environment. No special disposal system is required.

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