SATAjet X5500 Spray Gun

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The new SATAjet X 5500 with the revolutionary SATA X-nozzle system will dramatically change the landscape of our industry. Revolutionary because: SATA is the first spray gun manufacturer to offer a nozzle system based on two distinct spray fan shapes for each nozzle size. Parallel and oval-shaped. Across the entire nozzle spectrum. Providing an incredible wealth of perfect solutions. For all kinds of painters. For all kinds of paint systems and climatic conditions. For all kinds of objects to be painted. Using only one spray gun.

Two ways to achieve a perfect result: HVLP and RP

The “Super Saver” SATAjet X 5500 HVLP achieves particularly
high transfer rates, due to its low pressure technology.

The “Super Speed” SATAjet X 5500 RP with its optimised high
pressure technology for maximum application speed and minimum overspray.

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Please note – All models are supplied with the Swivel Joint and RPS adaptor as standard


SATA offer a premium extended warranty through their website for all Spray guns, Filters and Supplied-air breathing protection systems.

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